Connecting excellence everywhere




The Mancini Worldwide company was born in 2019 from the entrepreneurial idea of Alessandro Mancini to put in synergy personal and professional networks, made up of years of relationships developed in international companies.
The company is located in Milan where it coordinates the professional connections with partner and customers all around the world.
Thanks to our well-focused relational and commercial network, we offer a wide range of services ideal to match all the needs of small, medium-sized and large companies, providing strategic and customized advices linked to the customer’s requirements.

Strong of 20 years of experience in touristic and leisure industries, the company's mission is to professionally connect private and institutional actors who work every day in the construction, supply and promotion of products and services of excellence.
Our aim is to maximize the personal and professional relationships of entrepreneurs and stakeholders, interested in sharing their skills on a broader perspective.




Connecting excellence everywhere is crucial to find new business opportunities in unattended geographic markets, maximizing the focused activities to reach success.
The scope is creating value by transforming the way of thinking of our clients, whether they are start-ups or leading companies in their reference market, offering a targeted and professional advisory service on Business Development.

Behind the quality of our services, a valuable network of professionals works and cooperates together with their successful entrepreneurial stories and companies.

► Connecting people and their excellences around the world
► Connecting excellences on a global scale
► Combining and managing diverse professional skills
► Providing a “tailor-made” service for every kind of customer
► Offering high-level competences trough a wide range of customized services





Harnessing the power of networks and connecting excellences and competencies all around the world, meeting people and benefiting from those relationships

Building long lasting connections with professionals, entrepreneurs, institutions, excellence services and companies all over the world, maintaining a continuous level of engagement with them
Enhancing network resources to support the requirements of a particular client’s requests and needs
Creating a partnership between our developed network, either customer or business, rather than considering the relationship merely transactional




Setting up and managing rich event schedules as well as developing plans aimed to engage and entertain visitors and customers.

Visitor & Content Experience: Development and management of the event concept, set up of a plan designed to engage and entertain visitors through: events, shows, meetings, games, conferences, concerts and so on, counting on professionals with years of experience
Tourism Promotion & Ticketing: Developing and implementing the promotion of projects with road shows or engaging events, based on conveying the emotion of experience, planning commercial activities and coordinating promotion and selling of tickets of events
Partnership, Sponsorship and Business Development: developing Partnership and Sponsorship plans, providing a well-rounded support that ranges from designing, to partners’ identification and management
Operative management: Event operative management includes management of venues and logistics, management of productions, security, protocols and personnel





Developing and designing the creation/promotion of a product/service, also through engaging events (i.e. road shows), based on conveying the emotion of experience

Our approach aims to change the tipping point of planning, focusing on the methods of engagement and on the promotion, in an innovative way, in the touristic industry, working with a network of 8.500 international Tour Operators and DMC, public authorities and Embassies The advisory activities we offer our clients can be divided into two categories:

• Involvement and collaboration with local authorities (Chambers of Commerce, Confcommercio and so on)
• Involvement and collaboration with a wider network of operators (Transports, accommodation, etc.)
• Strategy and communication planning of clients specifics

• Planning communication campaigns in collaboration with operators, retailers and tour operators
• Planning of customized missions in target countries
• Creation of tailor-made packages including travel, accommodation and premium services




Giving support in the identification of strategic activities in target countries/sectors and guaranteed 1-to-1 support with the client in the realization of the shared plan

Organization and execution of targeted one shot commercial/promotional missions/events in target countries in line with the client’s wishes and needs (international delegation support, private holidays plans, tailor-made solutions)
Organization of institutional meetings with relative presentation (dinner/event/fairs) in exclusive locations and with Italian representatives abroad (ambassadors, consuls, etc.)
Management of the press organs, through the press coverage of Italian organizations abroad (e.g. meeting with local newspapers, sector journalists)
Full immersion dedicated advisory activities with target customers and personal appropriated coordination in between customers and companies in order to find out best solution to finalize a contract and to start a fruitful business





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